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I Want to Get a Rabbit and Not the Sort That Buzz

For a long while now, Al and I have been talking about getting a pet. In an ideal world we’d own a Westie called Snoop, who when entering a room would bop along to the D.O. Double G.  In reality neither of us are home during the day which would just be unfair to poor Snoop. Instead we’ve been talking, for around two months now, about becoming proud owners of a rabbit (or two) and not the type that you can get with batteries from Ann Summers. We’re talking actual furry little bunnies here people.

We had a beautiful Dwarf Lop, RIP Flopsey, when I was a kid and although I didn’t clean his hutch like I promised (show me a kid who does) I loved him dearly. We then moved onto Guinea Pigs, equally adorable making the cutest of noises. Again RIP Bubble, Squeak and Butterscotch, and again I didn’t clean the cage (I’m sorry mum), so I already have a love of the small fluffy blighters. I understand their needs, I know how brilliant they are as pets and they’re just so cute.

Which is why I’ve been checking out bunnies up for adoption. I figure, rather than do this for purely selfish options picking the cutest one straight out the store, we could give a happy home to one or two that actually need it for whatever reason. I’m finally giving something back, my mum would be so proud. However, other than my boyfriend Al, no one seems to think this is a good idea – I’ve matured now mum and can totally look after another living being other than myself, ok.

I’m 28, I’ve got a job and responsibilities, I even have a mortgage, so am totally capable. Just to double check we’re up for the job, I’ve been making pros and cons notes on my phone. If we’re going to do this, than goddammit, we’re going to do this properly, with fancy hutches and everything.


  • Rehoming bunnies in need and giving them a safe home
  • Like attention and cuddles
  • They’re super clean animals
  • Don’t smell (only if hay needs changing)
  • Like early mornings so can go out to play when I wake up
  • Can live indoors and out


  • Expensive – especially when you add in hutch, food and insurance
  • Their hair moults – but then so does mine!
  • They chew everything, meaning we’d need to bunny-proof the house
  • We’d need a large hutch for the garden with attached run
  • We’d also want a large cage for them to sleep in indoors at night

For me the pros easily outweigh the cons, but I am trying to be realistic with their needs and making sure we can offer them everything they’d want. We’d be looking at getting two as this is how they’re usually re-homed from adoption centres as they’re extremely sociable animals.

So any rabbit owners out there (again not battery operated) hit me in the comments with any tidbits I need to prepare with. Help me plead my case your honour.

In the meantime, I’ve only gone and made a cute bunny Pinterest board…

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I’m Obsessed with Urban Outfitters Homeware

Now I’m a homeowner I’m on a constant quest to fill my maisonette with quirky little trinkets and for me, there’s no better place than Urban Outfitters. I like to check their site weekly, looking for any new ideas.

First up on my list is this Deluxe Scratch Map, £25, shown above. I’ve explored so many new places with Al that I love the idea of scratching the countries off, showing exactly where we’ve been and planning where we want to go next.

Pastic Wallet 4×6 Frame, £6

I have so many pictures lying around waiting to be framed. I have a little DIY picture project on the go but in the meantime, these hanging plastic wallets could be just the thing for my living room.

Speech Bubble Chalkboard, £12

Confession. I actually already own this one. I’ve always wanted a chalk board to jot things down as both Al and myself have incredibly poor memories and this one fits the bill.

Mixed Flowers T-Light Candles, £6

Who doesn’t love a good candle. And what’s cuter than eight diddy flower shaped ones.

Balvi Grab It Photo Frame, £20

I want this purely to add to my hand, well actually, fist collection. I have a clenched fist ornament which is currently housing a candle and feel like I need this one holding a photo.

So there you have it, these are the five items I’m currently keeping an eye on from Urban Outfitters. You can check our the full homeware range here.

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5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Owning a House

It’s been two months since Al and I moved into our own home and I’m slowly realising that there are certain things that people just don’t share with you in the build up. Because I’m naturally an over-sharer and keen to please others, I figured it was only right for me to let you in on five things they (your parents/friends/family/anyone really) don’t tell you about owning a house.

1. You will become obsessed with soft furnishes. In my mind I’m the female
equivalent of Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen, in my flouncy shirts with
voluminous locks. I’ve signed up to Dwell, Modern, Made, John Lewis, Next
Home and all the others, so I can keep on top of the latest furnishings
and of course get my grubby paws on anything that takes my fancy. I
appreciate a good cushion and trawled high and low to find our mix of
bulky silver striped and woven woollen cushions and am very proud of the
end results. I’m sold on a mix of greys and oranges for our living room currently.

2. Damp, mold and dehumidifiers start to rule your life. Al and myself have found ourselves embroiled in a battle with the former that we’re not currently winning. Our hefty dehumidifier needs emptying every day and it can hold a lot of water. Damp and mold are depressing and need to be constantly tackled. Just one of the problems when you live in a maisonette.

3. You become very, very precious about your brand new furniture, dirty shoe prints on carpets and very small hands belong to my cousin’s little boy wiping the remnants of lunch along clean chairs. I am paranoid about dirty glass rings being left on our new side tables and am forever chasing coasters. I’m becoming scarily like Monica from Friends and I’m not sure I like it.

4. Life insurance. To be honest, before we bought our place, the only life insurance I knew about was through work, if I died. But after my dad kept breathing down both of our necks about the huge mortgage we have for the next god knows how many years and what we’d do if one of us was to cork it early, I got serious and called our financial adviser (because I now have one of those too).

5. The unpacking just never stops. We’ve been here for two months now and still have a spare room full of stuff. The thing is, I have no clue what the ‘stuff’ is anymore. I know we have a computer hiding somewhere, I’ve got some books that need shelves, jewellery that needs somewhere to hang and shoes that I have no space for. I know we’ll get there eventually but at the moment I’d say it stresses me out at least twice a week, much to Al’s amusement.

Got any more to add to the list? Hit me.

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5 Reasons I Can’t Wait to Own My Own Home

Al and I are currently in the process of buying our own place which is both super exciting and bloody tedious – solicitors are currently the bane of my life – so because being constantly surrounded by boxes is grating on me, I thought I’d write a little post about the positives and why I can’t wait to get my grubby little paws on the keys. Here are the five reasons I can’t wait to own my own place.

1. So I can sort my clothes by type and colour and hang them in an actual wardrobe away from damp. Yes I have OCD issues. Currently they’re living on busted clothes rails, bound together by tape and cable ties or in boxes piled everywhere. This is not the life for them. Just looking at them like this makes me sad.

2. The fact that soon (hopefully) I’ll own something which would make me an adult. Scary thought. I’ll also then be paying off my own mortgage rather than paying someone elses with rent.
3. So I can invest in super cool furniture like this Rodnik Shark Fin Chair from, which is beyond awesome. I don’t think it’ll go with the current decor nor will it fit in the space we have but, you know, the option is there.

4. I can stop buying clothes (uhm hmmm) and start buying art like a proper grown up. I’m thinking Broadway style lights and garish neon signs. and Dwell are fast becoming my most browsed sights. It’s the sign of a change I tell you.

5. I apologise for this last serving of cheese but I honestly can’t wait to share this new chapter with Al and experience all these new things together. Major cringe but very true.

So, if you know any cool furniture sites or shops I should be looking at hit me up. Or, if you fancy bitching about solicitors with me, tweet me @josclothes.